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Top 5 Best Campfire Cooking Kits 2022

Want a cooking kit for your campfire? You’re at the right spot.

In this guide we will walk you through the best cooking kits, what to look for and our personal favorite.

We will also talk about problems you may face when selecting these cooking kits. So let’s get started without any further ado.

It isn’t straightforward to find the best cooking kit.

The Stanley base camp set for four is the top choice to go for.

Seriously, when you consider a camping trip what is it that you look forward to the most? For me, it’s the adventure of cooking my food over open fire. There’s something rustic caveman style element in doing this that cannot be found inside homes.

As far as cooking kits are concerned I tested nearly 20 of them to find out the best cooking kit for you.

Here’s a list of the 5 best cooking kits you can start using now.

Stanley Basecamp Camp Cookset for 4

This is made of stainless steel. There’s no additional storage bag with it but has a locking bungee that you can use.

There’s the three ply frying pan, ⅗ litre pot, and additional accessories that come with it.

The cookset comes with a vented lit that lets out steam build up that accrues around the food when you’re cooking.

Its made of stainless steel material and you can use the same over firewood without any problems from your end.

There’s no kettle or pouch with this and maybe that’s the only negative I see with Stanley Basecamp. You can heat your water in the pot. That said aluminium does a far superior job of distributing heat evenly inside the utensil.

The frying fan is special. The internal cooking surface is made of stainless steel. Frying fan surfaces can make or break a deal. Stainless doesn’t doesn’t do a great job at non stickiness the same was a Teflon coated pans or a well-seasoned iron pan.

However it takes the cake for searing a teak and the cooking performance will remain even throughout its life. It has a 3-layer base construction.

The outside layers are two coats of stainless steel and the assumption for the middle layer is that it’s made of copper.

Bruntmor Cast iron kit

If the budget doesn’t drill a hole in your pocket consider Bruntmor cast iron kits. This cooking set consists of 7 cookware that you can use.

There’s a frying fan, skillet pan, dutch oven, saucepan, and reversible iron griddle. There’s the extra-large plan that’s sufficiently large to cover most of your cooking needs.

There’s the heavy-duty vintage carrying box that makes storage easy and convenient for you. 

The storage box has other uses too. You can easily repurpose it as a seat you can sit on during camping.

Cast iron stands the test of time. Aside from its heavy durability, a properly seasoned cast iron skillet does the same job of a teflon-coated pan and is a great non-stick option for you.

Bisgear outdoor cooking set

The Bisgear outdoor cooking set makes it possible for the budget-conscious to camp and have a great time cooking their food while at it.

Bisgear’s cooking surface is made of anodized aluminum. 

Under $30 you get quality equipment, a pot, frying fan, kettle, plates, other utensils and even cleaning supplies. The anodized aluminum is great as cookware and doesn’t spoil fast while also being super-easy to clean. There’s the same non-stick quality of cast iron but without the premium costs that add up. The premium look of the cookware shouldn’t fool you either. It’s lightweight and easy to transport and handle.

MSR Flex Cookset 4

The MSR Flex Cookset 4 is a great option. One of the factors that it gives Stanley a run for its money is the price of this.

The campfire cooking kit has everything a four-person family or small group may need to make their weekend of campaign enjoyable. The anodized aluminum pan is non-stick. It presents few problems with cleaning up later on.

What I liked are the deep-dish plates and which eliminates the need of bowls. There are two strainer lids. It’s the double-wall mugs that are particularly interesting.

Like my winning Stanley set, the MSR Flex 4 doesn’t have a storage bag but all the components nest into each other.

Boundless Voyage Titanium Set

The boundless voyage titanium mess kit is great if you go on the campaign on your own. The kit has a portable bag and weighs slightly above a pound. The kit has kidney-shaped camping pots of different depths. They nest perfectly within each other and are made out of titanium for durability. There are no sharp corners.

The components fit inside a camouflage-patterned bag.

The solo cooking kit has vented lid and hanging chain.

The pots has handles on the side and it’s easy to hang them over an open fire for greater ease with cooking.

Buying Guide: What To Look For When Buying a Campfire Cooking Kit

Must-Have Items and Features

Cooking over fire is one of the best life experiences you can have. Here’s all that you need to both plan and make your next camping trip a success.

Campfire cooking is different to cooking over a stove primarily because the heat isn’t focused on one single area. Because of this factor any plastic/rubber coating with melt immediately.


Weight is another consideration if you’re backpacking your way to the camp site. If you plan of going light you don’t want a heavy cast iron campfire cookset.

Ease of Use

Another thing to consider is the ease of use. This involves everything from how easy the pots are to use and the cooking experience they provide you with.

If you have never cooked with cast iron or stainless steel pans there’s a bit of learning to do.


Buy cookware that’s easy to clean. Your set shouldn’t come with nooks and little corners that are all difficult to clean.

Cast iron is easy because you only need to wipe it out once. Teflon coated products too are easy to clean.


Then there’s the durability factor. Cooking on open fire means the utensils face a lot of heat stress. They should be built to last.

A one-layer stainless steel pot may work for months but won’t last a lifetime.

What are Campfire Cookset essentials?

Now that we looked at the best campfire cooking kits, let’s look at what we need next to start cooking.

Campfire Cooking Pot

A pot is the first thing you need when you’re going camping. If that’s the only thing your budget allows, start with a pot. A pot is useful for you to cook large meals. You can also cook soups and single-pot meals. If you want to use the same as a skillet you can do that too.

Campfire Cooking Pan

A campfire cooking pan is another essential on my list. It should be durable and shouldn’t have any plastic or rubberized coatings, glass lids ,or be made of non-stick coatings.

Campfire Cooking Grate or Stand

You can place the campfire cookware on the coals of the campfire, but that’s not always practical.

One thing that you can use for your campfire cooking is you can use a grate that you can use to put pans and pots on and cook evenly.

Campfire rings at regular campgrounds sometimes have grates inside but you don’t necessarily see them everywhere.

Tripods and stands are another good addition.

Campfire Cooking Utensils

Camp cooking sets generally have utensils where you cook with or eat with but they’re generally always made of plastic. Nobody I know would use a plastic spatula to stir their food when cooking over fire.

Personal Protective Gear

You may also need personal protective gear or a PPE kit to protect you from fire when you are near a campfire cooking. Use a high-quality heat-resistant glove as well.

Portable Camp Stove

In addition to the regular setup for cooking, you also need a portable camping stove that you may need to use as a backup. Cooking over a campfire may not always pan out. It may be raining outside, with the wood too wet for your use. It can be windy. All of these are great backup options.

Meat Thermometer

If you love meat, it’s great to grab hold of a meat thermometer when you go camping.  When you cook over a campfire what generally happens to me is I inadvertently char the outside of the meat. The inside doesn’t cook properly. You don’t know unless you have a thermometer that you can drill inside to check if the inside is hot, warm or cooked enough.

Here’s the list of standard temperatures:

  • Eggs and ground meats: 160 degree F internal temperature
  • Chicken and poultry: 165 degree F
  • Steaks, chops, and roasts 145 degree F internal temperature
  • Fish and shellfish: 145 degree F

Other Items You Might Want for Your DIY Campfire Cooking Set Up

Now that the essentials are out of the way, let’s look at more things that are necessary and these will make your life easy.


If you want to heat up some tea, or simply boil water for some reason you need a kettle to heat water.

You can also use the JetBoil Flash Cooking System. It’s quick.

JetBoil Flash Cooking Syste


Skewers are great for making shish kebabs essentially meat sticks. They are great for making marshmallows and more.

Grilling Basket

Grilling baskets make it easy and simple for you to cook over a campfire. Put food inside and turn it over as soon as you flip the basket.

Campfire Log Grabber 

There’s real danger of stray flames reaching out for your hand if you use logs or sticks to move your logs. You don’t need to wrestle with campfire if you’re using a campfire log grabber to move logs around.

Grill Cleaning Brush

If you have a grill, grate, or any other kind of campfire cooking stand, a grill cleaning brush will make cleanup so much easier. 

Camping Sink or Portable Camp Kitchen

A camping sink is a great addon to your home. Either way you need a portable sink to make it easy for you to organize waste.

Dishes and Utensils

Camping dishes are another key here. They’re both nice Camping dishes are important. And nice, durable ones are the most important. 

Camp dish sets made of plastic are prone to breaking. If you ever go for a set, a stainless steel set is the best choice and that is our top choice here.

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Chopping fresh vegetables for campfire cookingBuild A Campfire Cooking Kit

Cooking is one of the major factors when you’re packing for camping. The basics are an utensil to eat and a utensil to prepare the food with. The specifics depend on the place you choose for camping and what you need to cook.

If you’re car camping you need a grill or fire pit. A backpacker needs to assemble fire and needs lightweight addons.

Fire or Stove

A campfire or stove holds the key to any good camping trip. With it you can cook and serve hot food,  boil water and reheat packaged meals. You need stones, grill grate or propane stove.

Fire Starters

Once you have readied your firewood and grill, you need a fire starter kit to start your fire quickly.

Firestarters have tinder that you can quickly set alight. There are matches, a lighter or a ferro rod and striker that you can use. You can pack multiple fire-starting tools if it rains or your method of choice fails.

Utensils and Cutlery

A spatula is a good tool that has many users for camping. You can use a spatula to stir, flip food and serve the same. A campign knife is another great tool for preparing food.


You can use cups, disposable plates, and bowls as tableware. If you’re camping on your own you can eat right from the pan. If camping with others you need serving dishes. Go for Stacking cups as they save you space and are compact. Pad these items so they don’t start clinking when you go tripping.

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Cleaning Supplies

You will need to clean up after your meals. No exceptions. To clean these dishes, bring soap . A reusable cloth is great for doing dishes and washing hands. It’s another choice to minimize noise as you walk.

Water Container

You also need to stay hydrated at all times when you’re camping. Trekking through the hills can easily tire anyone out and it can be a while before you find reliable water sources. A water container is a cooking kit necessity. It stores water you can use for anything ranging from cooking, drinking, and washing your clothes.

You can also bring a water cooler on board. A cooler allows you to carry clean water, keeps it cold for you. 

Trash Receptacle

Again, you’re in nature and as any responsible citizen you must take care of your environment. Learn how to dispose of waste. Carry reusable bin bags. You need to keep away animals from your scraps and trash. Use odor-proof bags, canisters and other items to store food before its cooked and eaten.

Common Campfire Cooking Problems

Cooking over open fire under the vast sky can be unforgettable. But as with everything it has ups and downs. Here are three common campfire cooking problems.

Bringing an Incomplete Campfire Cooking Kit

As humans we are prone to being forgetful. However, that can be disastrous when you’re camping. You’re mostly away from any civilization to help you.

Forgetting trashbags

It’s imperative to keep wildlife away from scraps of food. Bears can smell these from miles away and make a path toward you.

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