Best Gas Grills in 2023

In this post we will examine what are the best gas grills under $300

  • Which are the best gas grills under $300
  • Qualities to look for in a good grill
  • Grilling safety tips
  • And much more!

Are you looking forward to a barbeque party but don’t have a gas grill?

There are several grills in the market and you should know what’s good and what’s bad.

Here’s the process to choose the best grill available at a good price under $300.

You don’t have to worry when choosing one. Here’s the basics of gas grills and your guide to choosing the right one.

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

OUr top choice of a gas grill is Char Broil. Their gas grills from Char-Broil often speak of their beautiful design and quality work that stand the test of time. They’re produced here in the U.S.

Char-Broilgrills are the most sold grills in the US than any other brand and their quality is the number 1 reason why.

Char Broil is bereft of bad surprises when the time comes to show its performance. Demand is right now high for Char Broil grills and you should reliably get hands on with the best ones and get them shipped to your home.

Top 5 Best Gas Grills Under $300

Here are the top five grills under $300:

  1. CharBroil
  2. CharGriller
  3. Camp Chef
  4. Weber
  5. Coleman

What Do You Look for in the Best Gas Grill Under $300?

In this case we look at several things to determine if the gas grill is right for us

  • Chiefly the temperature at which the gas grill works at\
  • Quality of burner
  • Its structure
  • Portability
  • The material of the grate
  • High BTU level
  • Features
  • Length of warranty
  • Safety

Now check the part below

Temperature Range

The temperature range of the grill is especially important when you grill meat or fish. Gas grills tend to support different food items that they can cook. If there are cooking tests, you’d do well to observe those and learn from them.

Burner Quality

The burner is what gets most frequently replacement in a gas grill. A good burner will last you 10 or more years.

THe number of burners available is important when you choose a gas grill under $300. A good gas grill provides you with at least two burners letting you cook twice the amount. The more burners you get, the better things are.

Heat up the grill quickly and to a higher temperature.

Just turn off one side of the grill with indirect heat. Crisp the food using the heated site when its almost done.

If the burners work independently that’s a welcome addition. Divide the grill to two or three sections and apply the same heat settings. This allows you to cook different things at the same instance.

The versatility gives you creativity and helps you love the entire process of grilling.

Overall Structure

When buying a gas grill, first check if the material is of high quality.

This makes it useful for a long period and ensures that everyone who uses it also remains safe.

As gas grills are used outdoors, choose something that can withstand the heat.

Grills with stainless steel or cast aluminum don’t rust too easily.

Stainless steel doesn’t oxidize easily either.

Check the consturction of the gass grill. Pay attention to wheels, the cart, firebox, and lid.

Painted steel cards with nuts and bolts is heavy. Stainless steel carts have good construction and welded joints.


Prior to buying a gas grill know what you need first. Do you run frequent barbeque parties at home?

Do you like camping or grilling outside like at the park. If so, a portable gas grill fits your requirements. A grill with stand is portable. You get gas grills with cast iron or durable wheels that tend to last longer.

These wheels let you move around the grill anywhere you want. The portable gas grills can be folded making them easier to carry around say when hauling them around in a car.

Grate Material

Choosing a grill is never complete without knowing how great the cooking grates are.

Choose a grill that comes with stainless steel or cast iron grates.

  • These are quite simple to clean. They are rustfree
  • Cast iron grates with porcelain coatings are both durable and far easier to clean

Plus, if you chose enameled cast iron coatings that makes for better heat retention.

Cooking and grilling will take time so use something that saves cleaning time.

BTU Level

BTU levels are indicative of the heat capacity of your grill. The higher the BTU the greater the heat it can generate.

BTU or British Thermal Units is a measure of the heat. Standard grills stand anywhere near between 10,000 to 12000 BTUs.

Others are even higher at between 12,000 to 53,000.

Although you never need a grill at the highest BTU it’s better to know that the total BTU can exceed 41000

Char Griller E3001 ispriced under $300 and has a great BTU level too.

A higher BTU significantly shortens time it takes to cook.

A grill with 20,000 BTUs to 54,000 BTUs is good enough to give you a smooth and wonderful cooking experience.

More Features

The grills that we cover here are under $300 but aside from price one factor that rules them all is what all features do we get for under $300?

Does the grill pack side shelves on which you can store things for instance?

Side shelves can be extremely useful and not many people realize what they can be good for. Side shelves are great for cutting your meat, you can marinate your choice of meat in the space and also season it lightly. Choose grills with fold down or removable side shelves that come with limited space.

Another good to have is a warming rack.

While waiting for some of your food to get cooked you don’t want the remaining food to be cold.

Keeping the ingredients at their optimal temperature, the warming rack is a great addition.

And allows you to enjoy food with great warmth


At this price range you still get plenty of features. Product warranty is worth looking at. The warranty helps you if you break a few parts when the product is delivered. A grill that comes with one year’s warranty is always a golden choice.,


When choosing a gas grill ensure that the safety isn’t lost.

The grill has to be stable to avoid tipping.

Stay away from gas grills that come with sharp metal corners or show sharp edges.

Other things to look at are a safety mechanims.

When buying a gas grill or charcoal grill, ensure the product is safe for all to use.

Our Reviews of the Best Gas Grills Under $300

Here we discuss the pros and cons of the best gas grills under $300 that you can buy today.

Number one choice Char-Broil

This is the top pick here because you get the best of both worlds in terms of quality and affordability

The body is made of stainless steel and has a great appearance. The grease pan is coated with porcelain and that makes cleaning up super easy.

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The four stainless stell burners allow the gas grill to produce. You get 36000 BTU which is definitely a highlight. Also, it can cook at high temepatures. The gas grill can be lighted up with the help of electric ignition making it super easy for you to get the grill fire up.

You can also grill on the 425 square inches of primary cooking area.

It comes with two side shelves where  the 10,000 BTU lid side burner. It comes in handy for making side dishes on the outdoor too.

The lid folds down to protect the burner and offers increased workspace when not in use.

The full grill can withstand higher temperatures for a long period given the stainless steel build material.

The temperature gauge is on the lid and that makes it really easy to check on inside temperature as well as the preheating status.

Despite all these different features, Char-Broil four gras grill has some problem.

The assembly can be drawn out and take time.


  • Gives you ample grilling area
  • Stainless steel body
  • Clean up is simple
  • High heat retention


  • It can take some time to assemble this from head to toe.

: Char-Griller

THe Char Griller offers you 438 square inches of cooking space.

The hull is made of steel and gives it a classy good look.

Char-Grill Gas Grill

The grates are made of cast iron and are coated with porcelain.

The system ignites with electricity.

It has utensil hooks It comes with utensil hooks and a side shelf to improve the organization of tools and ingredients.

The grill has three burners that produce 40.800 BTUs. There’s the additional side burner that generates over 12,000 BTUs.

That’s power for affordable gas grill.

With this high BTU capacity you can host great parties.

Another feature is the large wheel for easy movement.

The construction and quality build means you can afford it.

This is made with heavy-duty steel finish.

The Char griller e30001 model lasts for years.

If you want a budget grill that’s capable of cooking food at high temerpateur the three burner gass grill is great.


  • Abundant cooking area
  • POwerful burner
  • Durable steel construction
  • Electronic ignition


Quite a bulky structure so you need space for this

Pick #3: Camp Chef

The cooking surface is 608 square inches.

The grill is similar to Camp chef explorer 2 burner stove with new features.

It has three burners made of cast iron and removable telescope legs that let you adjust the height.

The package has a regulator and hose that is for controlling ignition.

The gas grill sports a BTU level of 30000.

That gives it strength to cook for bigger groups.

The grill is also great for campaign and other outdoorsy activities.

With more accessories the camp chef grill can cook different dishes at the same time.

You can set it up with the detachable leg and windscreen.

There are even more advanced grill sets. Camp chef may be the one that’s most feature rich of the lot.

It includes a grill box with a heat diffusion system and pre seasoned iron grill grate that helps does the searing well.

If you want to remove the grill box and replace it with something else, you need the Camp Chef accessories bought separately.

The grill’s structure isn’t conducive to extreme weather.


  • It’s both compact and lightweight
  • Sports powerful triple burners
  • Has great cooking area.


  • The grill’s structure may not be great for extreme weather.

Pick #4: Weber

A weber gas grill is for $300.

However it still isn’t a their top pickWeber Gas Grill Under 300

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Its a tiny sized gas grill and could for road trips or home use.

With just 280 square inches you can easily add 10 burgers. It also offers you two stainless steel folding parts that you can use as work table and also as an electrical ignition system. The gas grill has a lid that’s of good height to make tiny roasts easy. It again has a thermometer to find inside temperature.

For versatility in cooking, half of the grill appears as a griddle.

The gas grill’s BTU level is just 12,000 BTUs per hour. These numbers show the grill is inadequate for cooking.

The low BTU level signals one thing, that the grill is only ok for occasional barbeques with small groups.


  • Weber is the definition of quality products
  • Is a compact product
  • Comes with durable and long lasting design


  • The only con is it comes with low BTUs which means you can use this as a supplementary cook say for making burgers, sides and is meant for occasional use


The coleman gas grill provides a cooking space of 285 sq. inches.

It comes with three burners to aid with temperature control.

It has side tables for you to place cooking tools and useful ingredients.

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The ignition system uses a button to add to convenience.

The gas grill comes in five colors and if you want a garden party the grill adds much needed color and vibrance to the occasion.

The grill has 20,000 BTU level which means you’re free to cook at much higher temperatures.

It comes with a warming rack which lets you cook food much advanced in time and keep it fresh for when your family is ready.

The grill has sturdy wheels that let you carry it wherever you want. The special lock helps you keep it secure.

This way the grill stays at one place, stationary when you cook.

Given the gas grill, it’s great for road trips and when you’re planning something outdoorsy.

The collapsible, foldable design makes for easy transport.


  • Powerful Burners
  • Collapsible and Portable
  • Very Lightweight


  • Too small to feed a large family or group dinners.

What Are Gas Grills?

Gas grills are close to a traditional barbeque tool. It uses gas to power itself. Compared to what’s traditional, the gas effectively allows the whole area to heat up in little time.

It’s also super easy to control the gas grills. Only need to turn the knob and turn the heat up or down.

With gas grills you also get to clean things faster. Simply because there’s no ash that spead around. Most gas grills also use removable dip trays so grease management is easy.

Gas grills ofer ignition, temperature control, easy customization, and flexibility.

Some models use different burners to cook different foods simultaneously.

How Do Gas Grills Work?

A typical gas grill uses either natural gas or propane as energy sourc.e Unlike traditional grill it emits less smoke.

TO ensure stable fuel and everything else, equip the grill with a regulator.

This lets you cook food with desired intensity as well as heat.

Before you grill, ensure the tank has sufficient gas left.

Take this math: With 20 pound tank you can cook for 25 hours.

Gas grills are easy to light as well as douse and provide simple methods to experience quality cooking.

You won’t get the same smoky flavor but the convenience trumps the hassle.

With natural gases, gas grills provide less harmful smoke. They are highly eco friendly.

Clean grates regularly and the grill with warm, soapy water. 

Final Thoughts on Affordable Gas Grills

Here you have a list of the best gas grills under $300. Since you’re going to use this frequently consider this as an investment for your entire family. You also need grills that are more convenient than flashy.

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